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Cornish Kern Cheese

£10.50 - £42.00£9.45 - £37.80
Cornish Kern Cheese
Yorkshire Pecorino Fresco

Yorkshire Pecorino Fresco

£10.20 - £40.80£9.18 - £36.72

Yorkshire Pecorino Fresco

£10.20 - £40.80£9.18 - £36.72

Yorkshire Pecorino Fresco is aged for 30 days and is the youngest of the range giving it a fresher taste than the more mature cheeses.

1.2kg Whole 1.2kg Whole300g Wedge 300g Wedge600g Half 600g Half
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Yorkshire Pecorini Fresco

Mario, who originally hails from Italy, makes full-fat, Sardinian-style sheep’s milk cheeses, developed from traditional recipes.

He has had to adapt his methods to the constraints of manufacturing cheese in a spare room (making raw cheese wasn’t practical in this country for such a small production, for example) but his cheeses are made with love, completely by hand and to the highest standards.

The youngest of the Yorkshire Pecorino that Mario makes is Pecorino Fresco, aged only thirty days, through to Pecorino Fiore, aged for 6-8 months.

There is a great article over here about Mario and his superb cheese.

Find more British hard cheese over here.

Watch this space, we are starting to create some aged pecorino at our new cellar in South Kensington soon!

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1.2kg Whole, 300g Wedge, 600g Half


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