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New Quickes Alpencheddar

New Quickes Alpencheddar

£36.95 kg

New Quickes Alpencheddar

£36.95 kg

New Quickes AlpenCheddar is made using a rare and experimental technique combining Quickes Mature Cheddar with Kraus’ flagship cheeseAlp Blossom.

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New Quickes Alpencheddar

AlpenCheddar is made using a rare and highly experimental technique combining their Mature Cheddar with Hofkäserei Kraus’ flagship cheeseAlp Blossom.

The Mature Cheddar is added to the curds during the traditional Alpine cheesemaking process. The wheels are pressed into moulds and matured for 3 months in the home village of cheesemaker, Albert Kraus.   

A unique texture, sweet aroma and flavour notes starting with hazelnut, moving through sweetness and acidity, before ending with a bright apricot finish.This cheese has been thermized.  

Find out more about this amazing cheese in this informative little video here.


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