English Wines

Much like charcuterie, we have never been known as a wine producing country, that is until now !

In recent years the number of vineyards in Britain has rapidly grown, we now have over 500 wine producers growing on over 4,500 acres of land. Sparkling wine has been produced in this country for years and is know to rival if not surpass some of the best the continent has to offer. This is mainly due to a similar climate and soil type as the Champagne region in France.

A fairly new development is the production of top class whites, rose's and even some reds. We have selected some of the finest, award winning wines for our shop and our ever expanding range will see the arrival of many new lines.

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Bolney Sirius Rose

Vintage, traditional method sparkling wine from the Bolney Estate in Sussex

English Wine Gift Box

A stunning wooden gift box for any of our English wine selection

Plumpton Cloudy Ridge Red

Soft plum, redcurrant and damson fruit characters from the Plumpton College in Sussex

Plumpton Cloudy Ridge White

A dry white with a crisp, refreshing acidity from the Plumpton College in Sussex

Ridgeview Blanc De Blancs

100% single estate Chardonnay from the Ridgeview Estate in Sussex

Ridgeview Blanc De Noirs

A blend of only red grapes, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier from the Ridgeview Estate in Sussex