British Charcuterie

Britain has never been a country that comes to mind when someone mentions charcuterie but things are changing.

Over the last 10 years there has been a huge resurgence of this age old technique, once essential before refrigeration, the need to preserve meat nearly disappeared in Britain, thankfully for us farmers and producers realised this needed to change.

We believe that British farmers and smallholders rear some of the finest meat in the world and therfore naturally create the finest charcuterie, often with nothing more than a little salt, some spices and time.

All of our charcuterie products are produced using free range meats, often reared at the same farm the products are created. All of our suppliers adhere to the strictest animal welfare standards and love their animals as much as we love their products

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Chicken Liver Pate

A smooth and velvety chicken liver pate with port from Cornish Charcuterie

Chicken Rilettes

Confit chicken leg, lemon and oil from Cornish Charcuterie

Cornish Chorizo

A fiery Spanish style chorizo made from Lop pork by Cornish Charcuterie

Duck Liver Pate

A stunning duck liver, beetroot and orange butter pate from Cornish Charcuterie

Duck Liver Pate

A smooth and velvety liver pate with cointreau from Cornish Charcuterie

Duck Rilettes

Confit duck with cranberries and grand marnier from Cornish Charcuterie