Highland Wagyu

We have been working closely with our friends at Highland Wagyu and Native Breeds to bring you what we believe to be the finest Wagyu charcuterie available in the world. With a high monounsaturated fat content full of omega oils these products are not only amazingly tasty but actually good for you, a real premium product for the charcuterie lovers out there

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Wagyu Biltong

A heavily dried silverside of Highland Wagyu beef

Wagyu Bresaola

British Wagyu topside is cured with salt, herbs and spices

Wagyu Cecina

British Wagyu chuck cured with salt, herbs and spices

Wagyu N'Duja

A fiery soft spreading salami packed with fresh chilli but delicate enough to taste the beef

Wagyu Roasting Fat

A 220g jar of pure wagyu fat, great for roast potatoes or amazing dripping on toast

Wagyu Salami

A remarkable salami packed with beefy flavour glistening with silky Wagyu fat