British Cheeses

All our cheeses start life as raw animal milk and with a whole load of love and attention, a little salt and drop of rennet a truly magical transformation occurs and a cheese is born.

Britain and Ireland produce some of the best milk in the world due to our extremely high animal welfare standards and lush green pastures. As any cheesemaker will tell you to make great cheese you need great milk.

We bring you some of the best of British and Irish cheeses made in the time honored tradition by true artisans and matured to our exacting standards

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A creamy and textured raw milk blue from the Wellbeck Estate

Sussex Blue

An award winning blue from Alsop & Walker in Sussex

Sussex Charmer

A rich Cheddar cheese with parmesan characteristics by Bookhams in Sussex

Sussex Farmhouse

A whey washed semi hard cheese with a rich nutty flavour from Alsop & Walker


A buttery 250g camembert style boxed cheese made by Stacey Hedges & Charlotte Spruce in Hampshire

Westcombe Cheddar

A deep, complex and lactic cheese made by Tom Caver at Westcombe Dairy in Somerset